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The Castel of Condé

The Castel of Condé is a private main residence belonging to the current descendants of the Bourbon’s. Situated on the Champagne touristic circuit, merely at a hundred kilometers of the French Capital (Paris), the castle is a historical monument since October 18th 1979. Following the will of the Bourbon (the former French royal family) and afterwards the marquis De La Faye, the most famous artists such as Watteau and his students (Lancret, Pater, Bonaventure de Bar, Oudry and Boucher) accomplished a real decorative chef-d’oeuvre of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Within the walls of this castle lives a rich part of the French History, through figures as the Prince of Condé, La Fontaine and Richelieu, Olympus and its “mysterious powder”! The Watteau aisle and its newly discovered frescoes, Richelieu’s bedroom and the sumptuous private apartments decorated by Oudry are most known tourist attraction. Come and discover more about this huge monument thanks to the castle and L’Auberge teams…